Coronavirus Community Heroes: iEARN Webinar Submissions

Media content created by students participating in the MY HERO Call to Action iEARN Project and submitted to the MY HERO Coronavirus Hero Contest. The first place high school winner was Setayesh Salimi from Iran who wrote the essay Coronavirus Hero: Street Sweepers. The runner up was Saba Mosfehi, also from Iran, who wrote about her aunt who is a physician.


My Coronavirus Hero: My Aunt

By: Saba Mosfehi
Kyana Hajipour
Coronavirus Heroes
By: Rozhina Azizi
Maryam Mirzakhani
By: Melika Taghigholich
My Aunt
By: Tina NasrAbadi
Dr. Sharareh Majd
Saba Mosfehi
Dr. Sharareh Majd
Saba Mosfehi
Coronavirus Heroes
Mandana Salimi
Helping Others During the Coronavirus
By: Amirhossein Saedibehrouz
Narjes Khanalizadeh
By: tunisian scorn
Coronavirus Heroes
By: Mandana Salimi
Mrs. Hela Nafti
By: Shaima Bargaoui
My Aunt is My Hero
By: Amira Gafsi


Surgery on Earth

By: Huang, Xiangliln

Wear Your Mask

By: Li Qiao an; Ren Wen hwei
This is a poster to warn and protect Taiwanese people from the threat of covid-19 pandemic.

Our Hero In Taiwan

By: Wang Yijie; Xu Xiaotong

Taiwan's Hero

By: Wang Wenxin; She Guiying

The Super Hero of Taiwan

By: Hsu Chenghao ; Hsu Weicheng

The Hero in Taiwan

By: Hsu, Weichen

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