Coronavirus Contest Artwork Submissions Fall 2021

Amazing artwork from around the world honoring community heroes during coronavirus.

Fall 2021 Coronavirus Art Contest Submissions
Credit: MY HERO


Salute to Corona Warriors

By: Aldrina Santhosh

We Can Build a Covid Free World If We Unite

By: Matthew Yi

Online Hero

By: Aaron Zhang

Fight against Corona

By: Divesh Jaya Chandran
Honoring heroes working to stop the pandemic.

Stop Coronavirus

By: Marissa Huang

The Heros

By: vincent jiang

Unbelievable 2020

By: Sharon Zhang

My coronavirus hero is my MOM

By: Gyimesi Jázmin Bejke
My coronavirus hero is my mom and liquid soap.

Preventive measures of Covid-19

By: Nusaybah Bukhari

The Hero Group

By: Peining Meng

Defeat corona

By: Vinuka

Middle School

Always with You

By: Deepshikha De

We are Invincible

By: Angelina Hao
Heroes fighting against the coronavirus. Although we do not have magic, we are invincible as long as we believe in ourselves.

Pandemic Corona War Fighters

By: Naruvi Muthurathinavel

Respectable People

By: Leo Hao
We are still able to enjoy the beauty of the world because of these respectable people, heroes fighting coronavirus.

A tribute to all the frontline workers who are putting their lives on the line to save ours!

No words are enough to express gratitude towards all the Corona Warriors, who risked their own lives to save the lives of others.

We Are Sure to Win

By: Caroline Li

Covid Heroes contest submission

By: Kirubel Hunde

Heroes Never Give Up

By: Lucas Zhuang
Doctors never give up when they are face to face with coronavirus. They saved the world by defending the virus and they are the superheroes in my mind

Superheroes in My Life

By: Matthew Hao
Super heroes during the coronavirus.

Angels in White

By: Xiaodong Zhou
Angels in white fighting the coronavirus are strong, beautiful, and warm.

Stay Home - Stay Safe

By: Bisma Barkat

My Heroes During Coronavirus

By: Areeba Aijaz

Father is Real Hero

By: Iman Abdul Rahim

Covid Heroes

By: Baligh Barkat

Doctors are Worriers

By: Syed Ibne Ali

My Heroes

By: Mahnoor

Real Pandemic Heroes

By: Niyalish Navroz

Be a Hero During Coronavirus

By: Erum
Be a hero during the coronavirus pandemic.

My Heroes: Doctors and Nurses

By: Mukarram

My Hero During Coronavirus

By: Rafay Ali

Real Heroes

By: M.Arman Ali


By: Arham M. Imran

Our Hero Our Pride

By: Mahnoor Zubair

Meet My Hero

By: Maham Rani

My Heroes

By: Zainab Atif

A Real Hero

By: Huda Shahid

My Hero Salute

By: Hasnain Hussain

Corona Heroes

By: Ayesha M.Zahid


By: Ali M.Kanji

Doctors are My Heroes

By: Mukarram

My Hero, My Father

By: Fatima Fahim

My Hero of Covid

By: Wareesha

Wash Your Hands

By: Ishal Salahuddin

My Heroes During Coronavirus

By: Faatina

Doctors are Covid Warriors

By: Waniya Siddiqui

Real Heroes

By: Raeef

Covid Hero

By: Sannan Bin Faisal

Doctors and Nurses

By: Anara Amir

Save the Earth from Coronavirus

By: Ishal Fatima

MY Mother, My Hero

By: Fariha Karim

My Hero

By: Noorain

Real Heroes

By: Muhammad Hammad

My Hero, My Father

By: Hania Munawar

Doctors are Heroes

By: Rija Khan

My Real Hero

By: Syeda Fatima

Fight Corona

By: Sabreen Asghar

My Hero

By: Neha

My Hero: Doctors and Nurses

By: Sara Punjwani

Covid 19 Heroes

By: Raina Rahim

Doctors are Heroes

By: Seerat Sarfaraz

My Pandemic Hero

By: Tayyab Bakht


By: Hasnain Faisal

Stay Home and Stay Safe

By: Arzeeh Amin


By: Raniya Rahim


By: Sibal Abid Ali

My Heroes

By: Tayyaba Chapra

My Hero

By: Neha

Covid 19

By: Raahina Rahim Huda


By: Muhammad

Earth Saver

By: Syed Musub Iman


By: S.M. Shafay

We are Coming

By: Qazi Ayaan

Doctors are hero

By: Shayan Akber

My Hero

By: Khushbu Karim

Covid Staff are Heroes

By: Rida Noor

Family are Heroes

By: Ahmed Raza

My hero

By: Manahil Waseem

My Hero During Coronavirus

By: Sandeed Ishaque

My Hero

By: Kashaf


By: Mysha Akber

Real Heroes

By: Laiba Irfan
The real heroes during the coronavirus pandemic.


By: Nehan

My Hero During Covid

By: Ayaan Hussain

High School

Covid Superheroes

By: Jamie Park

Don't Let Our Heros Down

By: Angela Kim

Anti-epidemic Hero

By: XiYao Yin
Honoring doctors fighting to end the pandemic.

Thank you, Essential Workers

By: Victoria Lin

We Can Do It

By: Juhyoung Lee


Corona warriors

By: Nilesh Kanwar
Salute to all the warriors who are doing their duties during this corona pandemic.

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