Coronavirus Community Heroes Multimedia Contest | October Winners

Congratulations to our most recent winners of the Coronavirus Community Heroes multimedia contest! 

Coronavirus Multimedia Contest Winners 2020
Credit: MY HERO

Film | Adult

A Moment in History

Paco Anselmi
Tribute to all the healthcare workers fighting at the frontline against Covid-19 - Voice of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Film | High School

144 Coronavirus Quarantine

Oham Group

Film | Middle School

Wear a Mask Hamilton Parody #STOPTHESPREAD

Angelina Pendleton-Mendez & Leila Woodward
A reminder to wear a mask and help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Film | Elementary School

Distance Learning

Chloe Miller
A film about the experience of distance learning and the impact that it has on Chloe's life.

Artwork | High School

Coronavirus Heroes

By: Sarina Vaziri

Story | High School

My Mom, My Hero
By: Morsala Asgharzadeh
Morsala's mom is a midwife who helps people with HIV and AIDS, as well as people with the coronavirus.

Story | Middle School

The Power of Teachers during Coronavirus
By: Audrey
Audrey thanks all her teachers for their extra support during the quarantine period of the coronavirus.

Story | Elementary School

Coronavirus Heroes: Teachers

By: Clara
Clara thanks the teacher heroes who are supporting students during COVID-19.

Audio | Middle School

Heroes of History - Frontline Workers by Madhulika Manoharan of Dubai

The song is dedicated tot he frontline workers  who dedicated themselves towards saving human lives during this pandemic.

There's still time to submit!

Coronavirus Community Heroes Call for Entries

By: Shannon Luders-Manuel
As the world rallies together during the latest pandemic, the reality and comfort of humanity's goodness shines through. MY HERO is taking essay submissions about heroes helping others during the coronavirus outbreak. The hero can be anyone!

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