Coronavirus Student Art Contest Finalists: Spring 2022

Artwork submitted by students of all ages honoring heroes during Coronavirus. Finalists came from Singapore, the United States, Bulgaria, Latvia, Nepal, India and Malaysia.

Short Film of Finalist Artwork

Coronavirus ART Contest - Finalists


Elementary Student Finalists

Upper Elementary 

Salute to our Frontline workers

By: by Jade Chung from Singapore

Inspiring For A Better World

By: by Rishika Pradhap from the United States (Michigan)

Coronovirus - My Heroes

By: by Avaneesh Muthulakshmanan from in the United States (California)

Together during the pandemic

By: by Petya Dimitrova from Ruse in Bulgaria

Younger Elementary 

Everyone in the world is a Hero

By: by Riya Ramachandra from the United States (Texas)

The Dangerous Day

By: by Yeabsira Gashaw from the United Staes (Maryland)

Doctor Hero

By: by Gabriela Grigoroviča from Latvia

Unconditional Work

By: by Adyaashree Rout from India

Middle School Student Finalists

World-wide Doctor Heros

By: Sophia K from the United States (New Jersey)


By: by Suyasa Sigdel from Nepal

Nurses are heroes too

By: Angelina Nguyen

Heroes of the Pandemic

By: by Vanessa DeSouza from the United States (New Jersey)

Let us aim for a healthy and better world

By: Navami Damani

The 2020

By: Prapti Raja Parmar

Corona warriors

By: by Rashi from India

High School Student Finalists


By: by Judy Xu from the United States (California)


By: by Ellie Park from the United States (California)

Our Caretakers

By: Victoria Lin from the United States (California)

Corona Hero

By: Saket Singhal

Fight Against Corona/Corona Warriors

By: by Deepanshu Y from India

Our Hero, Our Savior!

By: by Lee Xin Yee from Malaysia

Digital Imagery Finalists

Protect yourself

By: by Ditika Laya Kashyap from the United States (Oregon)

COVID 19 MyHero

By: by Gabriella Fazio from United States (New York)

COVID19 MyHero

By: by Catherine McCann from United States (New York)

COVID19 My Hero

By: by Emily Dietrich from United States (New York)

COVID 19 MyHero

By: by Pablo Orellana from United States (New York)

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