Coronavirus Heroes

by Mandana Salimi - High School - from Tehran in Iran (Islamic Republic of)

I'm a student in 8th grade from Karimehye Ahle Beyt high school in Tehran.

I want to tell you about my hero during the coronavirus days.

As you know there is a difficult situation for all of us because of the coronavirus. This is a problem for all of us, so we are all fighting with this dangerous virus and working hard to solve this problem.

Doctors, nurses and hospital staff are working hard to save people's lives every day. Also they have to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

Doctors, nurses and hospital staff are my heroes.

Schools and universities are closed, but teachers are still teaching their students. They teach us via video call and file. They spend a lot of time for us, so teachers are my heroes.

Shop assistants, store staff, cleaners, bank employees and others go to their work every day to serve the people. Their workplaces are very crowded, so it is difficult to protect themselves from the coronavirus. They are my heroes.

When people go out to do their important work, after they come back home, they wash their hands and clean everything. They do it very well.

Parents follow health advice and teach them to their children too.

Children are tired of quarantine, but they stay home to keep healthy and safe.

In my opinion all of us are heroes. I believe that the solidarity between us and our hard work can defeat the coronavirus. Hoping for better days and thank you so much for listening.

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