Coronavirus Heroes

by Rozhina Azizi - High School - from Tehran in Iran (Islamic Republic of)

I want to talk about heroes in stories and in our lives. There is no teenager who hasn’t heard about Superman, Batman and the Joker. So who is the hero? A person who is as handsome as Superman, or as hot as Batman or maybe as bad as the Joker! 

Well if your answer is "yes!" I should advise you that you're a you're dreamer because there's no person that can fly or has laser eyes. Or have super powers. But don't worry. It doesn't mean there's no hero in our planet!

Well we have heroes but they are different. For an example, this horrible year that we started made us obsessive, and today the most successful companies are for toilet paper, disinfectants and all things about health. So now we can understand that our hero is somebody who works on our health and wants to save and conserve our health.

So our heroes are doctors and nurses.


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