Coronavirus Heroes: Medical Workers

by Evan from Portland, Oregon in United States

Medical workers are my heroes during COVID-19. Medical workers teach us ways to prevent ourselves from getting COVID-19, such as staying away from other people and washing your hands for longer than usual. Doctors treat COVID-19 patients, while nurses care for them, even though they are risking themselves getting COVID-19.

People like Dr. Fauci and Dr. Brix are teaching us ways to prevent COVID-19, while people like Dr. Sanjay Gupta are supporting them by showing them on the news. These are some more of the ways: always wear masks when outside or in crowded areas such as supermarkets, school and restaurants, wash your hands for 20 seconds after going outside or touching you face, if you feel sick, quarantine yourself in your home or room and stay 6 feet away from non-family members at all times.

Doctors treat patients whether they have COVID-19 or not. This is good because COVID-19 is not the only really bad disease that is common. There is cancer, bronchitis, stomach diseases and heart diseases too. This is how they usually treat patients while in the hospital: they check the levels of oxygen in the patient's blood with a clip-on finger monitor, they listen to the patient's lungs and give them a chest X-ray, whether the patients have COVID-19 or not.

Nurses like my aunt are very important because they make sure patients feel good physically and mentally, and they provide stuff such as shots or IVs. When COVID-19 started, people weren’t prepared, so there weren’t enough masks for nurses and doctors to have one per patient, and the government would not give them masks, so it wasn’t very safe when they had to stay with multiple really sick patients every day for long periods. One thing that truly makes me think that medical workers are my heroes during COVID-19 is that nurses are with people alone when they pass away sometimes. This happens when a patient is very sick and their family cannot come and risk getting sick.

Medical workers are very important and we should all thank them for what they do for us. 

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