Coronavirus Heroes: Teachers

by Clara from Portland, Oregon in United States

Since March 2020, COVID-19 spread to the USA because school is a place where many people gather.  School has changed to online school to help COVID-19 spread less. 

Teachers are my heroes during COVID-19. The transitions between public school and online school is hard for everyone. Especially teachers, but they are still working tremendously hard to help students and families. These are a few reasons why teachers are my heroes and how they are helping students. 

Teachers are working super hard right now. They have to do hours of special training for online school. The tools for the apps online can be very confusing, and it's the teachers job to show us how to use them. Also because my teacher has to lead 35 students, she has divided us into 5 groups so the internet connection would be better. Which means that the teacher would have to teach the same thing 5 times. Also the students could have distractions like pets or toys so the teacher would have a harder time controlling the class.

Teachers and counselors are helping reduce stress. School leaders and teachers are also taking the time to make online learning as normal as possible. 

For example in my school we have a “fox den,” which is when the teachers, the principal, and counselors do a live video so everyone in the school can see, like an assembly we used to do at our normal school. Also the counselors do a meditation activity at the beginning of the day when we take three deep breaths. Personally I think this makes many students calm and in the green zone, including me. 

Many students rely on school lunches because their parents aren’t home or they are too busy. So many teachers are helping make school lunches for all the students who need them. A teacher in England named Mr. Powels helps make lunches for all the students who need them. He carries about 4 big bags and delivers each lunch by the students' house doorstop by foot! 

Also at my school the teachers did a car parade, when they decorated their cars and drove around the neighborhood to say hi to the students. And it cheered me and my brother up a lot. My teacher also wrote a letter to all the students in my class, and I think that made many students feel special and happy. 

In conclusion, teachers are my heroes because they work hard, they try to make school as normal as possible, and they care for their students very much. Without teachers working hard, many students would not be able to receive a quality education in this pandemic. 


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