Coronavirus Student Art Contest Winners Spring 2022

Congratulations to the student winners from the United States, Singapore, India, Malaysia, and Nepal.

Coronavirus Art Contest Winners
Credit: MY HERO

Overall First Place Winners


By: by Judy Xu from the United States (California)

Salute to our Frontline workers

By: by Jade Chung from Singapore

High School First Place Winner

Our Hero, Our Savior!

By: by Lee Xin Yee from Malaysia

Middle School First Place Winners

World-wide Doctor Heros

By: Sophia K from the United States (New Jersey)


By: by Suyasa Sigdel from Nepal

Upper Elementary First Place Winner

Inspiring For A Better World

By: by Rishika Pradhap from the United States (Michigan)

Younger Elementary School Winner

Everyone in the world is a Hero

By: by Riya Ramachandra from the United States (Texas)

Unconditional Work

By: by Adyaashree Rout from India

Digital Imageray Winner

Protect yourself

By: by Ditika Laya Kashyap from the United States (Oregon)

Student Finalists in the Spring 2022 Coronavirus Art Contest

Coronavirus Art Contest Finalists Spring 2022
Credit: MY HERO

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