Cory DeVante Williams

by Dylon Johnson from Okc, Oklahoma in United States

Cory Williams is a YouTuber. He has raised and donated over 100,000 dollars for people in Africa that have no clean water. For every 60 dollars, if I remember correctly, a person gets clean water. It's inspiring how a single person can save a nation, while being humble and selfless at the same time. Being someone that people can look up to and aspire after is a big responsibility. Having to set an example, and not doing anything that would make you look bad or put harm on your reputation. Having that weight on your shoulders isn't something you can throw around, you actually have to be careful.

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Extra Info

Cory Williams was born November 9th, 1992.

He was born and raised in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Before 2009 he was just a blogging channel. In 2014 he started making video game content.  

He has more than 7 million subscribers.