(Cristiano Ronaldo)Cr7

by Edith Baten Vasquez from Alexandria, Virginia in United States

123975How he donates blood Ronaldo  is a hero for many reasons. One reason he is a hero is because he helps children with cancer. This inspires me to help people who need it. Another reason he is a hero is because he does not smoke, drink alcohol, or have tattoos.  He donates blood to the hospital, so he cannot have tattoos. I want to be a doctor and I want more people helps others. He is from a poor family and he is a great player now because he worked hard to reach his dreams. As a result, I want to follow my dreams too.


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My name is Edith Baten Vasquez I am from Guatemala,I am in 7 grade I like to play soccer I like to watch when  Real Madrid plays,I want to meet Cristiano Ronaldo one day.