Teachers Heroes

Dave Bosse

by Tone from LMMS

The hero I selected is my best friend David Bosse. He is my hero because in a world when everbody looks toward the negative, Dave is the opposite. He has pumped my up when things looked bleak and guided me through the most important years of my life.

Whatever Dave has touched has turned to gold and he also did it with the utmost respect . He never said a bad word in the prosess. You see that is the way Dave has always been. When he wanted something, he just did it, there were no obstacles too big and it was always done right. He is one of the good guys.

Dave gave me a gift the day before his wedding (I was the best man)that had the words engraved in it, "simply the best", well he got something wrong. He should have addressed it to himself because it is he who is simply the best. He has been second the most important person in my life (my wife being the first).

He is not only my best friend but is my brother. If I could be half the man that he is I would be a giant.

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