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Photojournalist, Activist, Artist

Dan Eldon Eva Haller Salon 2021-09-18

Credit: Mia Creative Visions for my hero




Dan Eldon (September 18, 1970 - July 12, 1993)

Dan was a passionate activist, artist and photojournalist. He was fearless in his quest to help others and in his desire to tell the stories that others were not. Sadly, at the age of twenty-two, Dan was killed while working as a photojournalist in Somalia. His work has appeared in several art journals and exhibitions inspiring people around the world.

Don't miss the Eva Haller Salon this Saturday, September 18th at 2:00 pm PT / 5:00pm ET. 

The zoom program will be a celebration of the life and legacy of Dan Eldon. Dan Eldon, the late photojournalist, artist and activist, once said, ‘Connection is the Solution’ to human challenges. At age 22, Dan was stoned to death in Somalia while working as a Reuters photojournalist and a humanitarian. In those 22 years, Dan had accumulated more life experience than most in a lifetime. Dan was born on September 18th, 1970.  This September 18th, we will celebrate Dan’s life, his artwork and writings, and discuss his deep connection to social justice. During Dan’s short life, he lit sparks that after his death, and illuminated the paths of hundreds of thousands of people.  Kathy Eldon, Amy Eldon Turteltaub will regale us with stories that need to be told about creative activism around the world. They will introduce globally renowned photographers Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith, who were among those who first inspired Dan’s interest in photography as a way to connect with people.  James Trotta-Bono, fine art consultant and philanthropist, will show us Dan’s stunning artwork, the books that he made, and the films he created.  

Every year, as part of the MY HERO International Film Festival, Dan's mother Kathy Eldon presents the Dan Eldon Activist Award to the filmmaker who best uses media to effect positive change.

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Watch Films about Dan Eldon

MY HERO Suggested Video

Dan Eldon: The Original "Creative Activist" (2018) by Creative Visions Media

Amy Eldon Turteltaub about her brother, the man behind the myth.

The Art of Life: Dan Eldon in Africa

Producer: Charles Tsai

A moving film about Dan Eldon, an artist, photojournalist and humanitarian who was killed on assignment in 1993 when he was only 22 years old.

About Dan Eldon

Producer: Jason Russell

Dan Eldon was a photojournalist who used his creativity to effect positive change for those in need. He was killed while on assignment in Somalia, but his spirit lives on in the Creative Visions Foundation, founded by his mother and sister.

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Dan & Amy Eldon

By: Kathy Eldon
Dan & Amy Eldon are not only Kathy Eldon's children; they are also her heroes. by Kathy Eldon
Dan Eldon inspired Kathy Eldon with his art, his poetry and his life.
Dan Eldon

Art by Dan Eldon 

Dan Eldon was an extremely talented young artist who combined a unique vision of Africa with a keen self awareness. These collages are a testament to the influence of African culture and politics on Dan's personal journey from teen to young man. Through the use of symbols, masks and photo elements, the viewer is taken to the places that Dan witnessed during his formative years.

A page from the late young hero Dan Eldon's journal pages. He was killed in Somalia on assignment but his collages remain as proof of his global vision.


Credit: Dan Eldon

Dan Eldon was a photojournalist, artist and activist, killed on assignment in Somalia. His illustrated journals reveal a passion for art and respect for Africa


Credit: Creative
Credit: Dan Eldon

Collage pages from the journals of Dan Eldon, the late young hero and photojournalist killed on assignment in Somalia in 1993. His art and thoughts remain.


Credit: Creative

This image from Dan Eldon's journal pages collages a photo of Musa Mwariama and Prime Minister Jomo Kenyatta in 1963 after Independence.


Credit: Creative
Dan Eldon ( 1970 – 1993) was an international photojournalist, artist and activist, killed in Somalia on assignment. His journals show his art and global ideas
Credit: Creative

Listen to Audio about Dan Eldon

Peacemaker Hero: Dan Eldon

By: Wendy Jewell

"I'm a little bit cautious about the word, "hero," because everyone's a hero. We all have that potential. Heroes have a sense of light about them, I think, or should. They make us feel that we can be bigger than we thought we ever could be.

Submit Your Film for the Dan Eldon Activist Award

Kathy Eldon presents the Dan Eldon Activist Award to the filmmaker who best uses media to effect positive change.

Credit: Creative Visions

Learn more about the inspiring life of Dan Eldon

The Journey is the Destination (Trailer)

Produced by:Kathy Eldon +
THE JOURNEY IS THE DESTINATION is based on the remarkable true story of the life of Dan Eldon .

Dan Eldon Eva Haller Salon 2021-09-18
Credit: Mia Creative Visions for my hero

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