Desmond Tutu

by Deetya Chandra from Gurugram in India

Eternal Flame: Desmond Tutu's Journey for Justice

In a realm once ruled by shadows' might,
A guiding light emerged, Desmond Tutu's fight.
With steadfast resolve, he took his stand,
Advocating justice across the land.

Through apartheid's fury, he boldly strode,
Confronting oppression, forging a road.
With courage unyielding, his vision true,
A world of equality he ardently drew.

In fear-stricken streets, his voice rang clear,
A plea for peace amid turmoil and fear.
Like rivers flowing, his words did inspire,
Uniting hearts with hope's burning fire.

As a Nobel recipient, his legacy gleams,
Love's enduring power in his noble themes.
Desmond Tutu's spirit, forever aglow,
Guides us forward with its radiant glow.

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