Di Tomasso

by Ondro Peterson - 8th grade - from Glen Ellyn, Illinois in United States

DT: My Special Covid Hero

by Ondro Peterson

“Get to the ball and let ‘em have it!” screamed Coach DT, as the ball got taken away from one of his players. DT is my COVID-19 soccer hero. Most coaches don’t have soccer practice since COVID-19, but coach DT is an exception. He’s motivating and socially just, and practices COVID safety! He makes the COVID time go by faster!

Soccer Coach Di  Tomasso (DT) at the Empire Football Club scheduled us for a special field where we could practice--even during COVID-19. He also helps us practice more so we can get better. Most teams are not practicing. If it weren’t for DT, a bunch of 11- to 13-year-olds would be bored out of their minds, sitting at home doing nothing in front of the TV (which we all know is atrocious)!

Coach DT is also socially just. Everyone on the team gets an equal amount of time to practice. When he runs drills and someone messes up, everybody gets punished. And he treats everybody the same, even though the players come from different neighborhoods. He wants everyone to progress! He motivates me to be a better soccer player by pushing my limits. For example, when we do shots on goal, my teammates don't wait for me to position myself to make the save in practice, they just kick it immediately into the goal. It’s nerve-wracking being a goalie! “If you need a break, then don’t make the save, but try to make most of the saves,” Coach DT yelled at me from the sidelines. This inspired me to try to make most of the saves during practices.

Last of all, he practices COVID safety. He tells us to wear our masks on the sidelines. We don’t have to wear a mask when we’re on the field, but we have to wear a mask if we go on the sidelines to get a drink or something. He has us stay six feet apart on the sidelines, even though we’re wearing masks. I feel safe from COVID-19 the whole time I’m at practice.  

In these difficult times, DT is my COVID-19 soccer hero. Not only does he practice during COVID-19, he is socially just and motivating and practices COVID-19 safety! Are you able to play?

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