Diego Rivera

by Lupita from San Jose

Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo demonstating in 1936.
Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo demonstating in 1936.

Diego Rivera was born in Mexico. He was an artist. He was married to another artist who's name was Frida Kahlo. Diego was a communist who faught for communist laws. He was recognized in Mexico for his art. He didn't change his art no matter what and that made him some what of a controversial artist. If he belived in something strongly there was nothing that could change his mind.

Diego Rivera portrayed Mexican culture and art in his art. This means some of his art related to his background. Diego Rivera fought for his art to be recognized. Rivera's art began to get recognized in Paris and European countrys. He also started to become known by other cultures when he was asked to paint a mural in New York. Rivera painted what he fealt. He didn't like to have restrictions on his art.

Diego liked to let his creativity go when he made his art. Diego Rivera new what good art was. He knew that in order to make good art there would have to be feelings to your art. The art you were making had to have a meaning behind it. Diego Rivera used a lot of color because his Mexican culture used a lot of color and Rivera wanted to incorporate that so his art would not look plain and that it would look original.

I consider Diego Rivera my hero because he was a wonderful artist. He was full of talent. Diego Rivera worked hard so his art would be recognized; if not for what it was, then for the controversy behind it. Rivera is also my hero because he fought strongly for his beliefs. For example, they asked him to change his mural in New York, but he refused.

Finally, Diego Rivera is my hero because he was a strong minded person who did what he thought was right and took risks that most would not take. Rivera also worked and wished for his Mexican culture and background to be known. Diego's art opened the door for other Mexican arts and talents to be recognized. Diego Rivera never forgot his culture and the people who were behind him supporting and enjoying his art.

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