Walt Disney

by Lauren Clark from Morton, PA

Walt Disney
Walt Disney

For my hero, I chose Walt Disney. I chose him because he affects many people every day.

Walt Disney has created many Disney theme parks around the world, for children and adults to enjoy. He created two in the United States, the original one in Orlando, Florida called Disney World and the other in California, called Disney Land.

My hero (Walt Disney) was born in 1901. He lived in Chicago with his brother and sister. Soon after dropping out of high school, he moved to Los Angeles because he signed a contract to draw cartoons. He and his brother eventually set up the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio.

I think that Walt Disney has shown courage in many ways. When he was a child, many people doubted his abilities because he wasn't the smartest person in his class. He dropped out of high school, and he knew that he wanted to become a cartoonist.

I just think this person is a really interesting person because he affected the lives of many people, not just one person. Besides creating theme parks, he also created charitable foundations and other things to benefit others and not just himself.

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