by Brayden Randall - 7th - from Home

The hero I chose is a doctor. It can be any doctor that is working and putting their lives at risk to save ours. They are heroes because they take care of people who are getting sick and are also caring for those who need immediate help at the same time. Also, they are working with limited supplies, so they might not be as safe as they should or could be. 

One reason doctors are heroes is because they are taking care of the patients with the virus. They are also at the same time keeping people who are in critical condition not from the virus alive. They are making the world a better space and helping people survive through this.

Another reason that they are heroes during this time is because they are risking their lives with limited supplies and masks to still help people. They are being treated like heroes, but I think that they always have been.

Throughout this time, doctors will always be known as heroes and should be treated such. Without them we might all die from coronavirus. So, thank you doctors for being heroes.


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