by Camilo Gutierrez from american Nicaraguan school

Heroes come in many different ways, from their work to their daily deeds, although there are many heroes in the world, some of the most important ones are doctors, they study for almost their entire youth to help people in bad health and people who need the help to live.


While doctors are known for the importance they have in the world, they can sometimes be overlooked, and it is important that doctors are not overlooked because their jobs determine the outcome of somebody's life, these people are kind hearted,empathetic, and serious because of the job they have to do every day, they value the life of those in need and work hard for hours on end even if all that time is spent on 1 person, an example of this work is in a singapore hospital that in 2001 performed a astonishing 4 day surgery just to separate Ganga and Jamuja Shrestha who were conjoined twins connected by the head, the operation was nonstop work that was completed by a grand total of 20 doctors who would take shifts to complete the surgery, this just comes to show how dedicated a doctor can be just to save people in need, this is why I decided that they should get more credit for their incredible work, and why i chose them as my heroes.


Doctors are the key to life, one has to think of all the diseases that are out there and how they have been countered, a vaccines is the name used to describe a type of medicine that helps stop dangerous diseases that have no actual medication to be taken care of, some of those can be tetanus, hepatitis, covid, and sexualy transmitted diseases. One has to think about how dangerous it would be to live knowing that we could be killed by such things and there would be no way to stop it unless your body is trained to know how to fight it, doctors also help and could be thought of in some sayings like go break a leg, who would then fix that leg, Doctors, they are the foundation of our health and are there to make sure that we can live on and pass on all the knowledge we acquire, including how we were all borne, the history of birth is very important as it explains how childbirth changed throughout history, from the use of chainsaws as a matter of fact to more calm methods such as surgical tools.


There are many types of doctors that each help us in any one way, from pharmacist’s, surgeons, dentists, and chiropractors the list goes on. If you didn't have a dentist, then who would tell you what is wrong with your teeth and how can you fix it, if you didn't have chiropractor, then who would help you fix problems with your muscles, joints and overall articulation in your body, without surgeons who would be able to help you with problems inside your body like tumors, organ failure and many other problems. Doctors are the key to studying all diseases and also the ones who will discover new diseases from doing nothing but the job they studied to do, they are the foundation to health, how to live your daily life, how to take care of your body, how to stay healthy when you get old, they are the most important workers we have in our lives.


Doctors do not discriminate and are there to help us, those who lose limbs have an opportunity to get them back, while scientists are the ones behind these solutions, it also takes a doctor to guide how a prosthetic is meant to look like, or how a robotic limb is meant to be connected to the host and how its meant to move, overall doctors can sometimes be underappreciated even though they are the ones who help us get up when we cant do it alone, they are the ones who give you hope when it may seem lost, they are the ones that will always try to get us back up in our time of help.


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