Doctors and Nurses

by Brynnley Jacobs - 7th - from Lincoln Middle School

During this time many doctors and nurses are trying to stop the spread of Covid-19. 

Undoubtedly a lot of risks are being made from many different people. Medical workers are risking their lives to save others (Felsenthal, 3). This shows that medical workers are making a big risk, and most can't even go home to their families, just to keep other people safe.

Importantly some nurses and doctors are taking another step. A 68-year-old retired British doctor, Alfa Saadu, returned to work in London to help treat the pandemic (Kimpen, 1). This shows that people are going the extra mile to help treat the fast-spreading pandemic. 

In addition, most people are being pushed out of their comfort zone to help. According to The Los Angeles Times, "Doctors and nurses in all departments are being told they may have to start working in emergency rooms and intensive care units" (Times, 1). This shows that with so many cases, there isn't enough staff to treat all these patients, meaning many nurses and doctors will have to work in things they haven't done in months or even years. 

Sadly this is the case in most states and countries. I thank all doctors and nurses helping in the fight against Covid-19.

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