Doctors and Nurses

by Miller Johnson - 7 - from Pullman Washington

The doctors and nurses in our country right now are risking a lot every day when they go into work. They risk getting sick, leaving their families, and being near other people during this crisis. Recognizing them is important because they need support right now, and we can help with that. They are one of the main ways we can beat this, so they deserve all the support in the world. 

One way that doctors and nurses are helping, from an article called "Nurses and Doctors Stand on Hospital Rooftops to Pray Over Patients and Families," is "Hospitals around the U.S. are becoming overcrowded with patients due to coronavirus, and health care workers on the frontlines of the pandemic are working tirelessly in the battle against it" (O'kane, p. 1). What this is trying to say is that they are trying their hardest to get through it and they need all the help they can get.

Now I hope everyone will consider helping out with this crisis. There are many ways to help, such as giving food to people in need, and providing supplies to people who need it. Anyways, I hope you understand what you need to do and this short essay was a good source of info. 

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