Doctors and Nurses in the Coronavirus

by Karli Johnston - 8th - from Pullman, Washington

One of the many heroes in the coronavirus are nurses and doctors. These people are working countless hours to try to fight this virus. Some of them have not seen their families for weeks, some even months. As we sit at home, they are working hard to try to get down the number of people that have Covid-19. 

Almost all doctors are becoming “corona doctors.” Even if they don’t normally work in a certain area of medical procedures, they are trying to get as many people to help out with this pandemic. Since this is a new issue that doctors have never had to deal with, all doctors had to be trained in how to deal with Covid-19. 

All of the doctors and nurses have an immense amount of pressure on them. They are trying to please everyone, while trying to keep themselves and others safe. As much as they want to let people in to visit their loved ones, they can’t. People’s family members are dying and they can’t let them in to say goodbye; the most they can do is hold the camera for them to video chat and say their goodbyes. They also have to keep calm in front of press. Lots of doctors from different hospitals around the world are getting interviewed. Even though there's so much chaos going on, they have to stay calm and look alive in front of cameras in order for people not to worry.

Nurses are risking their lives just to keep others safe. Although they are being as safe as they can, they are still exposing themselves to the virus. Many people have died from the coronavirus, and doctors are right there with all the people who have been affected. They are trying to work as quickly as they can because they have to keep healing people until they are able to go home, so that they can bring more people into the hospital if they have the virus.

They are helping us so much in this scary time. Doctors and nurses are a essential part to get over this coronavirus; they are one of the many heroes in the coronavirus.

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