Media Arts 2020



"In documentaries, there's a truth that unfolds unnaturally, and you get to chronicle it. In narratives, you have to create the situations so that the truth will come out."

- Ava DuVernay



The Independent Initiative - Documentary Filming With Your Smartphone

Shooting documentaries on a smartphone is so simple! Check out these creative tips to help you with your next project!













Indy Mogul - How to Make a Documentary in One Day


What's the secret to shooting an indie documentary? What's the trick to shooting a micro documentary in 4 hours? What are the best dumplings in New York City? Today we met up with documentary filmmaker and fellow co-host Griffin Hammond to find out!



















DigitalStorytellers - MAKE Your Story: Interviews

The "Dos and don'ts" of recording interviews! Tips on background, sounds,lighting, and spacing during interviews.