Dr. Cianchetti

by William from Dublin

A Hero is a man or woman who demonstrates giving or doing something for others. A hero persists. A hero could be a kid, a hero could be be an elderly man, a hero could be someone who doesn’t even intend on becoming a hero. A hero saves lives, helps others, and does good things for those in need. Someone like Dr. Jeffrey Cianchetti, who I know as my very own grandpa.


Dr. Cianchetti is still alive today in good health. He attended Case Western and and the University of Akron for his undergraduate degree, but got his PhD at Ohio State University. He worked as a ER doctor for -- years. He is married to my grandma, Angela, and his kids are Andrea, the oldest (and my very own mom), Anthony, the middle kid, and the youngest, Alena.


As an emergency doctor, he spent lots of time saving lives. He couldn’t spend as much time with his family. He gave his time to help those in need. That is trait of a good hero. Also, he never intended on being considered a hero. He studied hard and did his job. He was a hero! He saved lives and helped people, but never considered being called a hero.


Heroes need to persist. That is what Dr. Cianchetti does. When someone is rushed into the hospital and has a terrible injury, it can be a challenge to find a way to help. But when all hope is lost, my grandpa perseveres and helps people. Every day of his career. That’s not all though. He has saved countless lives, helped many people that needed help, and always tries hard.


Thanks for reading about my hero Dr. Jeffrey A. Cianchetti. I think he perfectly demonstrates the characteristics of a hero. He studied when his friends went to parties and in the end looks like the work paid off. He has saved many lives. I hope you agree that this man is a hero.


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