Dr. George Kuruvila

by Ethan Kuruvila from Woodbridge, Ontario in Canada

My great grandfather Dr. George Kuruvila is my hero because he seemed to have a Christlike heart. Dr. George Kuruvila was born in a village called Mepral in January 1903. Despite growing up in a family which was mainly involved in agriculture, he chose to go to medical school. He went to Stanley Medical College Madras and was one of the first batches of doctors who graduated. Dr. George Kuruvila, my great grandfather, was married to Ammini and had four sons and one daughter. He started his own hospital in his hometown, Tiruvalla. He was trained in general medicine but had to do a lot of surgeries as well as perform deliveries for women. It is interesting to note that only midwives were allowed to attend childbirth in those times, and he had to break the barrier of a man performing the duty of what was considered a woman’s task. He had a helpful nature and helped a lot of poor people with their treatment. He gave out free medicines to the poor. He was known to be a noble character who always had a servant’s heart. He helped the town build its clean drinking water facility by taking it up with the government. He provided service to the community through health care programs, which promoted vaccinations. He was also the mayor of the town for seventeen years. My great grandfather is my hero because he had servant's heart. I wish I could have a servant's heart just like him.



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