wyatt earp

by calvin from andalusia

Many men have influenced me as I have grown into young adulthood. Some in academic fields others in the field of athletics, but the man that stands out in my mind is of niether categories. His name is Wyatt Earp. His roal as a law man and peacemaker in Tombstone inspires me to go past what others have set as the limit.

Wyatt Earp brought nearly all the laws, justice, and authority to Tombstone, Arizona. He his brothers, Virgil and Morgan, and his friend Doc Holiday took on some unfavorable odds as they fought with the Clanton gang. Their feud is most none for "The Battle at the OK Coral".

Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp was born was born on March 19, 1848, in Monmouth, Illonois. He grew up in Iowa and then moved to California with his parents. He first became a lawman in Kansas where he served as a deputy. He became famous in Tombstone. Towards the end of his days he and his third wife Josie settled down in Los Angelous. He later died on January 13, 1929.

He is most inspiring to me because of his hard work and his dedication to his profession. He was told there would never be justice in Tombstone, and he proved all his critics wrong.His perserverence to continue after he lost his first wife and his loyalty to his brothers is also some attributes that should be merited. But the main reason I chose Wyatt Earp is because of the way my Grandad felt about him and the way my father,Wyatt, feels about him today.

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My hero is Wyatt Earp. His role in civilizing the west, and bringing order and justice to small towns like Tombstone are reasons why I picked him as my hero.