Earth Up

Get inspired by these student produced environmental short films

Elementary School

Feed the Future

Natalie Wylie
This film illustrates the environmental effects of meat consumption.

Water Is Sacred

Produced by:Mentors: Tiana and Wakinyan LaPointe
2020 MHIFF Ocean Conservation Award student winner: When we pray with water, it helps our bodies and the earth, and we say Wopila Tanka (Immeasurable Thanks) for its medicine.

Waterheart and Her Friends

Tianna Bluebird
A cut-out animation short about a mythical character, Waterheart, and the friends that help her to clean up her polluted home: Earth.

Rainforest Story: The Ocelot’s Escape

Quincy, Sage, Amelia, Sadie
This narrative stop-motion animation tells the story of a baby ocelot who escapes from poachers in the amazon rainforest and gets help from the other animals.

Zero Trash Hero

Luc LaMontagne
Local Hero Chip McDermott inspires Elementary student Luc to go green.

Heartbeat of the Earth

Produced by:The Dreamteam
The Earth needs us and we need the Earth.

Commit to our Earth

Produced by:The Dream Team
Fifth graders commit to helping the environment.

Life Lab Alive

Alex L, Quincy, Atticus, Sage, Amelia
A celebration of the unique garden program at Pacific School called Life Lab - with an original song and video made by 4th grade students.

Ruth Foster

Produced by:Miranda Andersen
4th Grader Miranda is inspired by her environmental hero Ruth Foster.

Fin Donnelly, Special Hero

Produced by:Sarah Mueckel
Fin swims to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Middle School

My trip to Catalina Island

Produced by:Slater Jewell-Kemker
Slater journeys to Catalina Island to interview her Environmental Hero Jean-Michel Cousteau.

Help Mary Save Coral

Produced by:Miranda Andersen
One woman's effort to save the world's underrated natural resource, coral.

The Future is Electric

Aliana Shanks | STEAM Academy
The students at STEAM Academy discuss the benefits of electric cars. They send their teacher into time travel while giving information on their quest to change the future.

Saviour of the Seas

Produced by:Suriah Fishburn Bungey, Ashleigh Tardivo, & Jessica Judd-Ireland
Aaron Machado rescues sea animals in danger.

High School


No More Hunger, No More Waste

Angela Kim
Every year, the Second Harvest Food Bank in Orange County reduces millions of pounds of leftover food by providing it to food-insecure individuals.

Pasta La Vista, Plastic Waste!

Ben Caloza
Plastic pollution is a plague on our beautiful California beaches. How can we fight it?

Brave New World

Zoltán Bendegúz Szabó | Toldy Ferenc High School
Brave New World is about climate change.

Climate Change

Philip Kapadia
The film showcases the effects of climate change, and what we could face if we don't take action soon.

Don't Give it All Away

Produced by:Slater Jewell-Kemker
Slater uses this wonderful song by World Party to promote youth activism.

Green Spaces for Happy Faces

Kathleen Nguyen
An environmental film about the benefits of green spaces and what it will do for our future.

Fighting for Environmental Justice: The Health Crisis at the US-Mexico Border

Produced by:Ilan Jinich
This documentary highlights community efforts to mitigate this environmental injustice following a major federal expansion of the border crossing last year.

Sustainable Flow

Produced by:Fox Nakai
This documentary examines alternative forms of transportation and how those sustainable practices can positively impact our lives.

Generational Shift

Produced by:Fox Nakai, Eden Roberts
This documentary examines the youth led climate march and student walkout of 2019 and the importance of youth engagement in community organizing for social change.

Growing a Healthy Community

Produced by:Light House Studio
A documentary about Growing for CHANGE made by students in the Westhaven Community.


Taking Root

Produced by:Michelle Law
In a small farming area outside the city, Mr. Loi, a local farmer, discovers the techniques of chemical-free farming.

The Cola Kayak

Produced by:Jody R. Lemmon
An adventure down the LA river on a kayak made of recycled materials. 2008

Every Drop Counts

Produced by:Actuality Media
Cada Gota Cuenta gives a dynamic insight to just how detrimental the contaminated water in Guatemala can be on its population and especially the health and wellbeing of its aspiring students.

Constant Dripping Hollows Out The Stone

Produced by:Katharina Karlsen Hessen
With plastic pollution quickly becoming one of the largest environmental challenges facing our planet, the way we manage this type of waste is more relevant than ever.

AN INCONVENIENT YOUTH - Copenhagen excerpt

Produced by:Slater Jewell-Kemker
This documentary gives a voice to kids on the front lines of climate change.

An Inconvenient Youth -- 2012

Produced by:Slater Jewell-Kemker
This important documentary film by MY HERO alum Slater Jewell-Kemker gives a voice to young people living and working on the front lines of climate change.

An Inconvenient Youth - Cancun

Produced by:Slater Jewell-Kemker
Youth activists are exasperated by a lack of action from world leaders regarding climate change.

Deep Bonds: People of The Mattaponi

Produced by:Jason Harwell, Jesse Bogue, Ben Franz
The people of the Mattaponi are connected to their river in more ways than one.

Root of Life

Produced by:Thomas Blubaugh
This journey highlights the importance of sustainability through obtaining food from the rainforest and preserving the forest itself.

Cycle of Change

Produced by:Avani Mack
Moved by the lack of opportunity for women and youth in her community in El Salvador, Reina Molino ventures to Guatemala to study bici-maquinas—bicycle pedal-power technology.

The Butterfly Effect

Kate Boylan-Ascione
As deforestation and climate change disturb Belize’s critical rainy season, one organization works to educate children both locally and abroad about the importance of preserving the rainforest, using an unexpected icon: butterflies!

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