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Echoes from the Square

By Elizabeth Wellburn

Publisher: Rubicon Publishing; (June 2002)
ISBN: 0921156995
MY HERO recommends this book to children readers.
On a bomb-devastated street in Sarajevo in 1992, in the midst of sniper bullets and exploding shells, Vedran Smailovic played his cello for 22 days in honour of the 22 victims of a horrendous bomb blast. His music was his personal stand against the insanity of war, and his courageous act touched people around the world.

Inspired by Smailovic's musical plea for peace, Elizabeth Wellburn wrote this fictional story about a gentle boy whose life is shattered by war and how he learns to hope again when he encounters a cellist playing in the street. The story is beautifully partnered with paintings by Deryk Houston.

Together, Elizabeth Wellburn and Deryk Houston have created an unforgettable book that reminds us of the power of the arts- to touch, to heal, and to restore the human spirit.

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