Eddie Vedder

by Brody from Chicago, Illinois in United States

132885Eddie Vedderrollingstone.comEddie Vedder is people’s hero because he sings with other people, like Pearl Jam, and made a single in his life.

Eddie Vedder was born December 23, 1964. Eddie Vedder's parents divorced. Eddie's mother soon remarried a man in 1970. That’s what Eddie Vedder's childhood was like.

Eddie Vedder is famous for being in Pearl Jam. Eddie Vedder is a singer. Eddie Vedder became famous 'cause of his albums like Ten, All the Way, and others. He became famous of 'cause of singing with Pearl Jam and other stuff.

Eddie Vedder made an impact on society by opening a group home for foster children. Eddie Vedder and his band mates created the Vitalogy Foundation.

 Eddie Vedder is able to motivate people by singing All the Way for the Cubs before the World Series, and the Cubs won.

Another hero quality Eddie Vedder has is kindness. Eddie Vedder is kind by being nice to his fans and singing All the Way. Eddie Vedder built a group home for fosters and Eddie Vedder and his band mates (Pearl Jam) made something called the Vitalogy Foundation.

That’s why Eddie Vedder is my hero: he is famous, kind, and able to motivate people.



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