Edgar Allan Poe

by Gallick

Edgar Allan Poe (
Edgar Allan Poe (

Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston, MASS Jan. 19, 1809 and he died Oct. 7, 1849 in Baltimore. He is the only writer to transform short stories to art. He has made some of the most psychologically thrilling stories to date. He also produced some of the most influential literary criticism of his time.

This person is important to me because his work has encouraged me to write my own poetry. Reading his poems have helped me realize the true meaning of being differnt from the rest of the world. Every word in his poems are of a beautiful mental essence which combines insanity with happiness.

I think to myself at times and wonder wheither or not to continue my current life. Then after I realize his perspective of life, my perspective becomes irelivant. It is no longer a question, but an optional roadblock to happiness. The meaning of happiness no longer remains as a requirement, but a perspective. Then you realize that the is no purpose of meaning to anything. It becomes a world where you become the world. Time is only a boundary, a limit to how long we have to realize the truth.......

Edgar Allan Poe thought of a world that didn't require knowledge nor effort, he lived it. His thoughts where beyond life as we know it. He knew that the true happiness was knowing the truth. The truth is all around us, it was knowing the fact that you could know anything, the ability to comprehend.....anything at all. It was a beauty all on its own. Edgar Allan Poe knew the happiness. And he wanted to share it with the world. His poetry reveals his love for the truth in a way we call insanity. Insanity is the process of displaying knowledge or thoughts that other people don't apperciiate, or allow within their presence.

Every word that appears in Edgar Allan Poe's writings has a purpose that has no purpose. Even though they are based on a language, they seem to only affect our mental truth. He did not see things as the labels that we give them. He sees them for what they are and that alone. He just uses words to enforce his vision of the truth.......the unknown happiness.

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