Essays on the Theme of Heroism

Thomas Edison & The Mars Rover Team

by Justin from Mill Valley

I‘m a person who thinks that a hero is not just defined by strength but is someone who will fight for their beliefs. Even after their death, people will keep fighting until that is accomplished. A hero doesn’t have to be the one who fights the bad people because a hero could have discovered a cure for a disease or could have invented something such as the light bulb, or better yet be the person who discovered electricity. All of these heroes can be put into seven simple groups: Ideas (The Wright Brothers’ idea of flight) Beliefs (Martin Luther King, Jr. believed all men being created equal) Actions (Not all things will happen after time, things have to be done) Courage (A firefighter jumping in a burning building to save others lives) Thoughts (The day J.F.K. said a man will go to the moon) Goodness (All of the people that fight for the rain forests each and every day) Invincibility (No, it's not being able to live forever, it’s your dreams and beliefs staying with others after your death)

I didn’t pick Mr. Edison because he invented the light bulb and the electric motor, I picked Thomas Edison because after 123 failures of constructing the light bulb, he still tried the 124th try. A beam of light shined through his lab that day. And to think that this one invention has changed the world. It has also inspired millions of other inventions.

Without the light bulb, the Mars Rover Team could not have successfully sent a robot to Mars. In doing these tasks, they gathered so much information that they have not even sifted through it all. Therefore, I think that a hero does not have to be a person who destroys evil, but a hero can do a number of things.

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