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Education Nation: Six Leading Edges of Innovation in our Schools

By Milton Chen, George Lucas (Foreword by)

Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated, July 2010
ISBN: 0470615060
MY HERO recommends this book to adult readers.
"Imagine an 'Education Nation,' a learning society where the education of children and adults is the highest national priority, on par with a strong economy, high employment, and national security. Where resources from public and private sources fund a 'ladder of learning' for learners of all ages, from pre-K through 'gray.' Where learners take courses through the formal institutions of high-quality schools and universities and also take advantage of informal experiences offered through museums, libraries, churches, youth groups, and parks as well as via the media."

—from the Introduction

Education Nation offers a dynamic vision for a new world of learning. This groundbreaking book draws on author Milton Chen's extensive experience in media—from his work at Sesame Workshop and in public television to his twelve years as executive director of The George Lucas Educational Foundation. Throughout the book, Chen clearly shows how to "put the edge into education" and revolutionize learning through innovative classroom practices and uses of technology.

Chen explains how six leading "edges" of innovation are challenging the inadequacies of our current education system amidst today's technologically sophisticated world. These edges include The Thinking Edge, The Curriculum Edge, The Technology Edge, The Time/Place Edge, The Co-Teaching Edge, and The Youth Edge. In this digital age, the number of new ways to teach and learn is ever-expanding and includes: laptops and handheld devices, wikis, interactive classroom tools, open source curricula, teacher-parent communication platforms, video-sharing, "serious games," social media, and GPS devices. Education Nation offers myriad examples from The George Lucas Educational Foundation's Edutopia Web site of films, articles, and resources, illustrating ways technology positively impacts student learning. As a result of constant innovation, learning is no longer limited by traditional confines of schedule, location, and isolation. A new Education Nation embraces a new age of 24/7/365 learning, with students at the center, supported by teachers, parents, and community mentors.

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