Albert Einstein

by Dan

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein


The famous equation. Energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared.

Albert Einstein must have been sharp to figure that one out. In fact, more than just sharp, but brilliant. He was brilliant. He was exceptional. So much so that he could think of things in ways that no one had even thought about before, not even in their dreams. He was the ultimate mastermind. He thought. He thought about the reason and the cause. But unlike others was he in his thoughts. He did not merely wonder then move on; he thought with deliberation and he discovered.

Albert Einstein was born in Germany on March 14, 1879. Einstein took violin from age six to 13 and started school around 1886. As a child, he did not do very well in school, often receiving bad grades and calls home from his teacher. He was the type of inquisitive student who was always questioning everything and anything. For this reason, most of Einstein's teachers did not enjoy having him in their classes, as he would frequently ask questions to which the teacher did not know the answer, thus embarrassing the teacher in front of the whole class. Although he wasn’t quite what you would call the teacher’s pet and often was found wearing the dunce hat, Albert persevered to make it through school, asking questions all the while.

Albert Einstein was a person who did not give up; he always persevered, whether it was in school or in developing his theories. I admire him for always persevering because I think that you should not give up just because something is or is going to be difficult. Einstein was courageous when he asked questions in school and when he proposed his theories and ideas. It is important to be brave and courageous like Einstein, but not to do foolish things that might hurt yourself and/or others. Einstein was a virtuous man. He was always displaying the virtues to those around him. Displaying virtues is an important aspect to life. If you display the virtues to others, others will display them to you in return.

Albert Einstein was an extraordinary man. He had been blessed with qualities that most people would have sold their limbs to even get a part of. He was smart, he was personable, and he was virtuous. Albert Einstein was, is, and will become the hero of many for the things he did. The things he achieved, at the time, seemed almost unimaginable. Einstein ventured into the unknown because he knew that it was possible and knew that he was going to be the one who did it. He did not shy away and let someone else do it for him, but stood up and accepted the challenge. Albert Einstein was truly a hero.

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