Albert Einstein

by Paul Nguyen from San Jose

Albert Einstein is my hero, not only for his theory of relativity but at all his hard work. He also made many other contributions to science. His study of relativity changed science in time , space , mass , motion , and gravity. His famous equation E=MC squared was a great sucess. But all of the stuff he did was not why he is my hero. He is my hero because he kept going with his thinking , studies , and hard work.

Albert Einstein was born on March 14 , 1879 in Ulm Wurttemberg , Germany. His career started when he was only five. Albert's father showed him a compass. Albert was very impressed with the strange compass. After Public school he studied Math and Physics. Albert was married twice and had two sons and a daughter.

Albert's studies , inspired me he was always studying about something , I makes me think of how I can improve , and study more often. He studied about mass , motion , gravity. Always on his mind about the conclusion. He studied about things he was interested in. The things that was a mystery to him.

Finally the next aspect I admired, is his hard work. without his work and never giving up. We wouldn't of had E=MC squared or look at science any different way. Without him there will be many people like me. Without a hero. He never gave up , and always believeing even when it got complicated.

Like I said Albert Einstein is My hero. But not for being Intelligent but for being a great person never giving up , hard work , and studying. I just hope that one day maybe I can be like this.

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