Eli Manning

by George P. from United States

Eli Manning                             

   Eli Manning is a true  hero. Well, he's not a real hero who has super powers but he might be a hero to little kids because of what he does for them. Eli did so much for them such as having a lot of charities and foundations. Eli Manning fits my definition of a hero because he is determined to help kids who are homeless or kids who have cancer.

    Eli Manning was born on January 3, 1981, and his name at birth was Elisha Nelson Manning. His place of birth is New Orleans, Louisiana. Eli has some family members who are also well known: Peyton Manning, Cooper Manning, and His dad Archie Manning. Eli is best known for being the New York Giants quarterback and winning super bowls in 2008 and  2012. He was also named Super Bowl MVP for both of his Super Bowls.

   Eli has many accomplishments in his life. He has eight charities and foundations: Alliance for lupus research, All Stars Helping Kids,  March For Dimes, Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, Phoenix House, Project Sunshine, Red Cross, and St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters. Eli won the Walter Payton Man of the year award in 2016. “In the NFL there's something called My Cause My Cleats” and players all around the NFL have been wearing cleats to support their charities and foundations. Eli wore his Walter Payton man of the year cleats and said “ I'm supporting Tackle Kids Cancer because I want to help kids and families who are going ver tough times.”

    In conclusion, Eli Manning is a phenomenal player  off and on the field. This Hall of Famer has succeeded in helping kids and being a great football player. Without a doubt Eli is a true hero to kids.

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