Eli Manning

by Tardu from Montvale , New Jersey in United States

130148Eli ManningNFL.comHave you ever thought that a football  player, those big guys, could be a hero for so many people? In fact, there is one. Eli Manning is a hero, and I will tell you why. He has won many medals for his work. He has many charities and you can read about them here. I will tell you about his background and his achievements as a person, so you can see that he is a hero.

To start, Eli Manning was born on January 3, 1981, in New Orleans, Louisiana. His parents are Archie Manning and Olivia Williams Manning. He has two brothers named Peyton Manning and Cooper Manning. Eli loved football. In fact, he went to the University of Mississippi when he he played football and was drafted into the NFL in 2004 to the Los Angeles Chargers, but only stayed with them for 45 minutes! He was traded over to the New York Giants where he played quarterback. As a result, he has led the team to 2 Super Bowls. By this time, the Giants now have 4 Super Bowls. Since 2004, he has been playing for the New York Giants, and has been doing very well. In conclusion, that was some of Eli Manning’s  background. I hope he can lead the Giants to the Super Bowl this season.

As for his accomplishments, since 2004, Eli has also done a lot of work off the field. He has 8 charities and 10 causes. In addition, he has won the Ann and Wellington Mara Award, due to his work. Furthermore, he has also won the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award which is similar to the Ann and Wellington Mara Award. Here are two charities that he supports; Tackle Kids Cancer, which is cancer prevention, and the March of Dimes, which is for the health of babies. He has helped many people and has raised a lot of money. As an end, this is why Eli Manning is a hero.

Now think about those big football players, and the fact that they can be a hero to so many people. Now you know his background and his accomplishments, and you can really see how big of a hero Eli Manning is.


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