Ellen DeGeneres

by Heidi S from United states

130167Ellen And Michelle are good friendswikimediaEllen is helpful, generous, kind, and a funny hero. She saves millions of people with her donations. Every year she donates $50,000,000 to people in need and charities. Some people, like Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie and Ellen, are famous and wealthy but people like them use their wealth for good, unlike most celebrities. She also has many accomplishments and a great background. She fits my definition of a hero because she does not have superpowers but still saves millions of people. Also, she makes the world a better place.

You probably know a lot about Ellen Degeneres, her show, how she manages to donate every show, and how wealthy she is. However, you may not know how she got started. First, she was born and grew up in Metairie, Louisiana. Next, when this American hero turned about 19 she was accepted into the University of New Orleans in Louisiana. Ellen's mom, Betty DeGeneres, had two children: Vance and Ellen. Ellen's supportive father is Elliott Degeneres. Although you probably are surprised most celebrities have their secrets.     

Ellen DeGeneres had many original accomplishments. Some of them help other people and some make her happy. The first accomplishment is she donates in almost every show, for example, she donates to ACLU  Southern California To preserve individual rights, the second charity is Best Friends Animal Society is a donation to help animals in a shelter, the third donation, love our children USA Is to stop child abuse. Then last but not least is Music Rising. Music Rising is a donation to help schools get instruments back after natural disasters. Then the second accomplishment is when she was voted the funniest person in America in 1982. Ellen DeGeneres is helping millions of people while entertaining them. She is very kind and generous.

Due to all of Ellen's donations, people are living better lives, schools are being saved, and animals are having the protection they always should have. As you can see she has many accomplishments and a good background. Celebrities should be more like Ellen.

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