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by Taha S from San Diego, California in United States

Taha Sidiqi

HSE2: Period 1


My Hero

Elon Musk, an inventor/engineer is a brilliant investor in which he generally succeeds in. He stays true in what he does and stays on one topic until he is finished with it. He also has never backed down with any of his dreams . If he worked for it he got it which what makes him, Elon Musk. Who would have known that the small kid in Africa would be one of the top engineers of society today? Elon Musk, an Entrepreneur/Engineer/investor is one of the world's most famous people on the planet. He was born in South Africa and was raised by his father Errol Musk who was an engineer and Mayne Musk who was a model. They divorced making Elon Musk having a rough childhood.This explains that a hero is someone who has commitment which stands for the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity, and determination which means getting anything you put your mind into done with whatever it takes. This is what being a hero to me stands for. Elon Musk, a billionaire inspires many people to be as successful as him. He is a smart investor and the CEO of Tesla. He possesses Commitment and Determination which causes him to be a Hero in many people's eyes including mine.

130864Elon with Barack Obama order for my hero to be considered a hero, he has to have commitment which takes skill. Elon Musk came from a place where most people were committed but none succeeded,but he was committed to changing his life for the sake of him and his parents. Elon Musk was committed to do anything he wanted to do from the start. For example, his company Tesla would not have been a thing if it wasn't for him. For example when he said “He dropped out after two days to start his first company because he believed it afforded greater opportunity.”("Elon Musk." Newsmakers, vol. 2, Gale, 2010. Biography In Context”). Elon Musk was committed to drop out of his company because he knew it from the start that this company would not be great for him. He organised another group and started his own company potentially worth millions. Another example of this would be, his brand paypal. His original brand wasn't good enough so he merged it with another website called paypal which was very risky at the time because no one used paypal at the time. As an Engineer Elon Musk wanted to do more even when he was a kid. Even as a kid he was a businessman. He designed his own game and made 50 dollars which was a lot of money back in the day. Another example would be,”In March of 2000, Musk merged with another new online financial company, PayPal.” (“Timeline: Elon Musk's Accomplishments.” The Mercury News”). What this is saying is that Elon musk is a person who has commitment into sharing his own company into one that he doesn't even know about but has the courage to build it up like his own. He merged with paypal. This also means that he took risk into his own company into making him and his company more profitable, which states that he has committed into making his company very big. All in all Elon Musk was a very committed man and would still be in the future. He had some downs but the ups overtook him. He was committed into every single act he did in his life which states that he was a very committed man.

130859Tesla only was Elon Musk a very committed man he was also a very determined man. He had determination from the start to the present. As for not only the multi million dollar website and company he has created, his education as well. Even from day one Elon musk was a very dedicated man. In every dream he had, he worked hard in achieving it. He wanted to make some money, he worked for it and got it. “At 13 he and Kimbal devised a plan to open up an arcade near their school in their home city of Pretoria. City officials told them they needed an adult's signature to gain a permit. Giving up on that dream, the brothers instead focused on selling homemade chocolates to schoolmates. Musk invested some of the money he made in the stock market, where he showed thousands of dollars in gains.”("Elon Musk." Newsmakers, vol. 2, Gale, 2010. Biography In Context). This shows that he was dedicated in what he did even from the start. The example shown above tells us that from what Elon Musk did even from a kid, he was dedicated in. This also proves that he will always be dedicated into everything because not only did his dedication start from when he was a kid he still uses it in the present to create more million dollar inventions. Not only did make thousands in school selling chocolates, he also made a car company worth millions. Such as the brand Tesla, a futuristic car company that runs on electricity. He made the company from zero to something. “He is a brilliant product developer; as a result, Tesla now has an array of vehicles in various stages of planning, including a lorry, a roadster, a small SUV and possibly a cheaper mass-market car.”: ("Taking one hand off the wheel; Tesla." The Economist). What this shows is that he was dedicated in his job. He knew for a fact that what he created will succeed because of all the time and effort he put into it. Also, this concludes that he knew from the start that he did not just want to create one great car. He wanted to create a row of vehicles so he can make almost triple the profits. With this being said, the hard work and dedication Elon Musk put into his work can be seen by his achievement of the number of vehicles he has produced and his income which has increased over the years. We can all see that he is very dedicated in what he does and puts time and effort into his makings.

Elon Musk, an engineer and a brilliant investor is one of the few who manage to make their innovative inventions come to reality which makes him a hero in many people's eyes. He posses commitment and determination which makes him who he is today. With that being said, Elon Musk who has created Tesla and co founded paypal is one of the most smartest engineers that we have to this present day, still creating and building more innovative inventions that could change the world like his vehicles and websites it the past. He not only has commitment and determination, he also has self confidence which is hard to get these days. As Elon Musk creates new inventions, he builds and continues to inspire many people around the world.Who knows what he might come up next to impress his audience. All in all, Elon Musk an engineer impresses me and thousands others by his smart thinking skills and inventions. He not only is one of the world's most successful investors but a smart negotiator as well. As that being said Elon Musk contains commitment,determination and self confidence to get through his days of being the inventor he really is.


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