Errin Haines: Championing Women's Voices in Media

by Abigail Richardson from MY HERO Staff

The 19th embodies a vision of fostering greater inclusivity and representation in media discourse.

Errin Haines is an American journalist renowned for her commitment to inclusive storytelling. Her work centers on politics, civil rights, voting rights, and race. She was the national writer on race for Associated Press from 2017-2020. She was named editor-at-large for newly launched nonprofit news outlet The 19th in 2020

Haines began her journalism career as a college intern at the Atlanta Daily World. where her early experiences laid the foundation for a career marked by a passion for amplifying marginalized voices and challenging conventional narratives. She later held an internship at the Los Angeles Times. She has held staff positions at Associated PressThe Washington Post and Orlando Sentinel. In 2017 she was named the national writer on race, politics, and culture for Associated Press.

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This role provided her with a platform to delve into pressing societal issues and shed light on underrepresented perspectives, solidifying her reputation as a prominent voice in contemporary journalism.

In 2020, Haines was invited by Emily Ramshaw to co-found The 19th, a groundbreaking media platform named in honor of the 19th Amendment and which was to be dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage of gender, politics, and policy. And so with nervous anticipation Haines left her ‘dream job’ in order to follow Ramshaw’s mission of talking about politics and specifically gender in a different way.

In the May 0f 2020, Haines wrote a story about the shooting of Breonna. The article was co-published by The 19th and The Washington Post and helped bring national attention to the case. She was also the first reporter to interview Kamala Harris after her historic vice-presidential nomination was announced.

Since then, at the helm of The 19th and as editor-at-large, Haines has spearheaded initiatives aimed at amplifying women's voices and championing intersectional feminism. Through its digital platform and thought-provoking events, The 19th serves as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue and societal change, challenging entrenched norms and advocating for gender equity. By centering marginalized perspectives and amplifying underrepresented voices, The 19th clearly embodies Haines's vision of journalism as a force for positive social conversation and exemplifies the transformative power of journalism in shaping a more equitable and inclusive society.

In a recent salon hosted by 93-year-old activist, philanthropist and holocaust survivor, Eva Haller, Haines and Emily Ramshaw, Co-founder and CEO of The 19th News reflect on their experiences of the organization’s inception and discussed the making of their new film, ‘Breaking the News.’

Said Ramshaw, “When The 19th went live on Jan. 27, 2020, our work — critical reporting at the intersection of gender, politics and policy — had never felt more needed. ‘Breaking the News’ follows the inception, launch, and fledgling triumphs and challenges of The 19th’s newsroom. It’s a time capsule that spans major news events critical to The 19th’s evolution: the coronavirus pandemic, the killing of Breonna Taylor, and the overturning of Roe v. Wade. It also documents The 19th’s internal struggles to overhaul age-old industry precedents while taking responsibility for its own shortcomings.”

During the salon, Ramshaw introduces Haines and shares an excerpt from the film wherein Haines expresses: "Throughout my life, I've been drawn to stories that often went unnoticed. Whose voices remained unheard? Who else could contribute to the discourse? Those on the fringes. That's what I aimed to amplify."

Early on, both Haines and Ramshaw recognized that women weren't the sole group disproportionately impacted by prevalent challenges; thus, they broadened their scope to address issues affecting women, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community.

To delve deeper into the organization's origins, its evolution over the past three years, and its future trajectory, tune in to the salon featuring Errin and Emily HERE:

To watch the 'Breaking News' documentary go to:

For more information about The 19th and to listen to Errin’s latest Podcasts go to:

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