Eva Haller
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Eva Haller, born May 9, 1930, is a Hungarian-American philanthropist, activist, executive, Board Member. She has mentored generations of activists, especially women, and has been honored with the inaugural Forbes Women Excellence in Mentoring Award and the Ban Ki Moon AI Mentorship Award by 8th UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. During World War II, Eva participated in the Hungarian resistance. She lost her brother during this time, which inspired her to help others. She continues to advise and mentor  many humanitarian organizations, such as Asian Initiatives, Women for Women International, Free the Children and the Jane Goodall Institute.

In this documentary from The MY HERO Project, Eva Haller shares her life lessons from a remarkable life, overcoming personal tragedy during the Holocaust to mentoring generations of activists.

Eva Haller: A Work in Progress (Festival)

Produced by:Skip Blumberg, Xenia Shin, Anabelle Vo, Rita Stern, Karen Pritzker, ...

The Story Behind the Eva Haller Women Transforming Media Award

At the 12th Annual MY HERO International Film Festival, we honored Eva Haller with the inaugural Women Transforming Media Award. 

The Eva Haller Women Transforming Media Award

A friend to MY HERO, Eva Haller had the idea to establish an award to inspire and support filmmakers from elementary school to the professional level who create outstanding work featuring women changemakers or tackling women's issues. Hence The Eva Haller Women Transforming Media Award was established. 

Activist, Philanthropist And Holocaust Survivor Eva Haller Wins First Annual Women Transforming Media Award

Do you have a woman hero, or have you wanted to make a film about women's issues? Click on the banner to learn more about The Eva Haller Women Transforming Media Award, and submit your film for cash prizes from the elementary to professional levels!

Stories about Eva Haller

Eva Haller

By: Xenia Shin
The Women Transforming Media interview with Eva Haller -- Holocaust survivor, philanthropist, mentor. Learn about Eva and more women heroes at

MY HERO Celebrates Eva Haller @ GCU NYC

Eva Haller: A Work in Progress<br>Casa Magazine
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