The Eva Haller

Women Transforming Media Award

Established by Eva Haller--activist, philanthropist, Holocaust survivor and beloved mentor to several generations of women changmakers--the Eva Haller Women Transforming Media Award recognizes outstanding short work featuring women change makers and women's issues.

Call for Entries | 2019 Women Transforming Media Award

2018 Eva Haller Women Transforming Media Award | Recipients

     Gloria's Call (2018) | Directed by Cheri Gaulke | Documentary | USA

Kim Phuc [excerpt] - The Sunrise Storyteller (2018) | Directed by Kasha Sequoia Slavner | Documentary | USA/Vietnam

2018 IFF Kim Phuc [excerpt] Sunrise Storyteller
Credit: Kasha Sequoia Slavner

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Women Transforming Media

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Alyse Nelson and Eva Haller

In addition to the Eva Haller Women Transforming Media Award, which was established to inspire filmmakers to shine a light on women transforming media and the world, The MY HERO Project also awards the Women Transforming Media Award, which honors an individual woman changemaker. Learn more about the honorees below.

2017 Honoree: Alyse Nelson, CEO and Co-Founder, Vital Voices Organization

Women Transforming Media: Alyse Nelson

Producer: The MY HERO Project
“Power expands the moment it’s shared. And women often want to do that. When they ‘re invested in, they want to give back, they want to pay it forward. And that’s what we do at Vital Voices. We simply search the world for these leaders with a vision for extraordinary change. And we invest in them to take that vision to scale.”

2016 Honoree: Eva Haller, Activist, Philanthropist, Holocaust Survivor

Eva Haller: A Work in Progress

Producer: Jeanne Meyers

A life dedicated to philanthropy, activism and mentorship, Eva Haller makes a positive impact around the world.

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