Exploring the Concept of Heroism

Exploring heros, heroism, and heroic actions

Exploring the Concept of Heroism
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Who is a hero? What characteristics do they share? What is the difference between a celebrity and a hero?

Shining a light on positive role models helps students of all ages realize their own potential to make positive changes in the world.

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Lesson One: What is a hero?

Lesson Two: Who is a hero?

Lesson Three: Identify Heroic Actions
Credit: MY HERO

How Should We Choose a Hero?

An essay by Charles Harper, modified by Coleen Bondy

"We human beings are entrusted with a very special place in creation. A place that calls us to embrace and live by certain values including kindness, generosity, forgiveness, joy, peace and so on. Heroes help us define, develop and live by those values. Without such examples we can be led to embrace false values and the balance of creation is lost; the teeter totter totters and all can become chaos and disharmony."

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A hero can be anyone. Who is your hero??

Students use the digital storytelling tools in the MY HERO Create Program to submit stories, art, short films, and audio to MY HERO.

Tutorial: MY HERO Create Program

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