Family traditions

by Marjona Boboeva from Tashkent in Uzbekistan

149477I and my nephews with facepaintingFamily photo 

My mother comes from the family extended,

She has five siblings if counted.

The whole family like to get together,

On every holiday no matter what the weather!

We are all twelve nephews and nieces,

Never can be split into pieces.

United we play, eat and have fun,

Under the rays of warm and pleasant Sun!

I am the agenda and play maker,

While the rest be the role taker.

Our dads and moms go out to the backyard,

Marking our performance showing a card.

Home puppet show is what they love,

We are experienced in making them how.

Wearing the puppets on our hands,

We work wholeheartedly in our bands.

Giggling behind the high curtain,

We try to make the episode certain.

Talking happily from the name of animal,

The previous hero of the show was the camel.

By the end of each show, we win the applause.

Without having any silence and pause!

The stage welcomes the happy kids,

With face paintings of their needs! 

I get the grandiose clap of nieces,

For creating artwork on their faces.

Then, our cute grandma steps up with care.

A round of kisses and hugs to share.

This is my family’s unique tradition.

Where each member gets kind attention!

Much to present praiseworthy events!

Not enough thousands of moments!

Welcome to my family and be our guest!

To explore the feast customs of the East!

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