Father Steven and Schmieds

by madi walczak from Verona, Wisconsin in United States

Locked down, tied back, covered in sin

devoured by the darkness, raging within

angry with the world, and angry at Him

cuffed by evil and left feeling there's no escape

filled to the brim with lust, greed, envy, and hate

I try to talk but I'm always left with a debate

constant questions and confusion

unsettled and never come to a conclusion

the best one that I have is against His Holy plan

ignorant about how I could make this life grand

seasoned with things I thought were good

yet I lack the one true God who understood

the pain and suffering I left to deal with on my own

no one can survive all alone

so God gave me a chance

through a woman with class

and a man who will become a Saint

a clear path and picture of my life he began to paint

the daughter of Christ

so I began to fight

against the evil and hate of this place

through the power of confession my evil was erased

darkness became light

my future became bright

the unanswered questions no longer made me up tight

fate wasn't my problem I began living day by day

praying for my enemies and trust He would stay 

the path wasn't easy but Schmieds and Father knew

that even though progress was slow I grew and grew

stronger in my faith as time went on

appreciative of the hardships and that this soul of happiness is no longer gone

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