Father's Day

For some, Father's Day brings comfort; for others, it's a reminder of what they lack. MY HERO celebrates the fathers who care not only for their own children but also for anyone in need of guidance or support, demonstrating the best of humanity. Below is a snapshot of our archive on father heroes, through stories, art, film, and more.

Woody and Luna Faircloth

By: Abigail Richardson
The film Down the Road follows the journey of Woody and Luna Faircloth as they provide transitional homes to survivors of some of California’s deadliest fires.

Meet Woody and Luna Faircloth   - Father and Daughter Heroes

Down the Road [excerpt]

By: Care Dorghalli
Woody and Luna generously help people in need after the Paradise fire.
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Father Stories

Geoffrey Canada

By: Wendy Jewell
Geoffrey Canada is an educator, social activist and president of the Harlem Childrens Zone in New York.

Daniel Ellsberg

By: Robert Ellsberg

Daniel Ellsberg is a whistle blower and truth teller - responsible for publishing the Pentagon Papers.

This essay was written by his son Robert on his father's 80th birthday.

Grateful to Robert Ellsberg for sharing this powerful essay with MY HERO.

The portrait of Daniel Ellsberg is a work of art by Robert Shetterly,

the founder and creative artist behind, Americans Who Tell the

Albert Cortez

By: Valerie C

A daughter sings an original song about her hero father, who turned his life around in his late teens.

Malick Seck

By: Seck from Dakar
Malick Seck is respected by his community and family for his humanitarian works, and his wisdom and dedication.

Harry Tao

By: Thu from Bradford
Harry Tao sets a wonderful example for his stepdaughter.

Ronald V. Dellums (1935 - 2018)

By: Piper Dellums from Idyllwild
Ronald V. Dellums is a former U.S. Congressman who fought against apartheid in South Africa.

Listen and Read Along | A great resource for ESL students

Jeremy Glick

By: Emmy from Saddle River

Jeremy Glick was a hero of Flight 93 and Emmy's beloved father. This story has text with audio.


Just Like a Father

Kailash Satyarthi

By: Themis from Beirut, Lebanon
Kailash Satyarthi is determined to end child labor practices around the world.

Moses Zulu

By: Manyun Melanie Yau from Beirut
Moses Zulu established Children's Town in Zambia to teach AIDS orphans life skills.

Liviu Librescu

By: Meghan from San Diego
Liviu Librescu was a Virginia Tech teacher who sacrificed his life to save his students.

Sompop Jantraka

By: Nicole from Spokane
Sompop Jantraka helps poor children in Thailand to avoid child prostitution and obtain an education.

Art illustrates the different roles of Fatherhood

Love of a Father -Lending a hand to help find solutions

By: Hutton McKenna

Feeding Me for Life- a Father teaches his son to fish

By: Julio Lukwago of Uganda

Portrait of My Father- a strong Influence on the artist's life

By: Salvador Dali (1904 - 1989)

Nelson Mandela by Giordano Aita

By: Giordano Aita

Father of freedom and peace.

Abraham Lincoln

By: Robert Shetterly

Fathr of Democracy. Portrait of Abraham Lincoln by Robert Shetterly and from Americans Who Tell the Truth

This showcase of short films features a variety of relationships with fathers from filmmakers with very unique voices.

Daddy Will You Hold My Hand?

Produced by:Paul McClure
For fathers all over the world - how our lives are changed forever and for the better on becoming a father.

My Dad is a Legal Resident

Produced by:Brenda Perez
Julieta shares a very personal story about a big event for her family!

Smoke That Travels [Trailer]

Produced by:Kayla Briët
What happens when a story is forgotten? I'm making a film about my dad, Gary Wiski-ge-amatyuk, my family, and what it means to be Native American today.

The Brainwashing of My Dad [excerpt]

Jen Senko
Once upon a time my dad was a happy go lucky, fun, non-political Kennedy Democrat... then he discovered Fox News...

Azim Khamisa: The Tool of Forgiveness

Produced by:The Institute for Advancing Unity/The Working Group
A grieving father overcomes tragedy by creating something beautiful in his son's name - Tariq Khamisa.

A Letter to my Dad

Brock Brenner
A film created to capture the milestones between a father and a young son.

Young Dads

Producer: First Light and Latimer Creative Media
Young dads speak out.

Student Artwork

My Dad is always there to help me

By: Jonathan Chavez of Taft High School

My Hero Abba, My Grandfather by Ebrahim Ahmed

By: Ebrahim Ahmed Ansari - Grade 3C
To others my grandfather is just any other person in the world but to me he is my star, my hero. I love my Abba. One day I WILL grow up to be a HERO like him

My Father

By: Jiayuan Ruan of Taft High School
My father cares about his son more than anything in the world. He would do anything for me to make me happy. He is a teacher who teaches a lot of good lessons to me. He is a hard worker who works seven days a week, 8 hours a day for his family, so that they have food to eat and a place to live. I think he is the best father in the world.

My Dad Is My Hero

By: Sydney Wickstrom

My Dad I Love Him so Much

By: Gianna Yurisak

Father is Real Hero

By: Iman Abdul Rahim

Father of the Nation of Bangladesh

By: Junainah Naser

My Hero, My Father

By: Hania Munawar

My Super Hero Father

By: D. Aron Raj

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