First responders

by Sarvitha - 4th Grade - from USA

Stay at home for many days

The safest place to be

Heroes are there outside 

Helping people in need


How does something so small

Dominate the world

We should not play with friends

Until this is sendoff


There are real warriors

Saving other families when they can not even see their own

Doing this knowing the risks 

These angels will be  known


My family and neighbors are scared

To walk right down the block 

Once we find a cure

We will once again flock


We can not go to parks and beaches

But it is okay 

There are people facing harder problems

Every single day 


Small businesses may be closing

Making the owners to cry

But, many savers are helping 

Changing the life to live


Until then imagine 

How our world is going to be

When all of this is gone 

You will be hugging every tree

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