First Responders

by Carlos Aguilar from El Segundo, California in United States

141066Spider-Man we think of the word hero, we usually think of Superman, Iron Man, Captain America, etc. While that's fine, more than ever we need to recognize the true heroes of our society: our first responders, doctors and nurses. We're living in turbulent scary times, with lots of despair since the pandemic started.

141067Nurse doctors, nurses and first responders are our first line of defense working tirelessly to save and treat people while probably fighting their own struggles in their personal lives. While most Americans stay at home because of stay-at-home orders, nurses are working tirelessly around the clock and we need to be grateful for what they do.

They deserve our utmost respect and we need to advocate that they get the support and respect that they deserve and need. It is outrageous that many of them don't have the support and PPE that they require, and despite all of that they're there every day working to care for patients. 

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