Florence Nightingale

by Cindy Lin from Taiwan

Florence Nightingale

                                                         “I attribute my success to this – I never gave or took any excuse.”

119654Florence Nightingale   Florence Nightingale is known as the mother of nursing. 

   In the 1800s, nursing was not counted as an actual job. At that time in Europe, nurses were all uneducated low classed citizens, so it was not a thing to be proud of. 

   However, Nightingale herself, completely changed everyone's mind about the specific idea. She revolutionally improved how nursing worked and tried to increase the number of professionals of this work, which made nursing a very important part in modern medical science. 

  Also, she was the first person to use statistics on medical studies, the first to use the numbers the improve the sanitization in militaries, hospitals, and clinics.

  Even if everyone didn't support Nightingale, she still followed her heart and did what was right, and this is why I chose her to be my hero. 


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