Florence Nightingale

by Selina from Kaohsiung in Taiwan

140540Henry Hering (1814-1893) / Public domain hero is Florence Nightingale. She was born on May 12, 1820, in Italy. She was a nurse as well as a statistician. She was enthusiastic to help others.

She did amazing things. For example, during the Crimean War, many soldiers were injured. At that time, there weren't any good medical resources. When Nightingale saw these situations, she decided to help them. She brought some medical tools and took care of the soldiers. In 1860, she used money from the government to establish the first training school for nurses. In 1909, Nightingale received ‘Freedom of the City of London’ award.

The most important things I learn from Nightingale is her efforts to help people. I hope to be like her to contribute to reform the unhealthy environment in the future.




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