Forgiveness Resources for College Students

The power to forgive is the power to change the world. These heroes reveal this truth through their actions.

Character Trait: Forgiveness
Credit: MY HERO


Forgiveness is demonstrated by heroes from across the globe in these featured films, art and stories. Releasing feelings of resentment towards those who have wronged you is at the core of the character trait of forgiveness. Meet remarkable heroes through these films, art and stories, and create a dialogue with your students on the importance of practicing forgiveness in our daily lives.


Kim Phuc - excerpt from The Sunrise Storyteller

Kasha Slavner

An interview with Unesco Goodwill Ambassador Phan Thi Kim Phuc, who survived a napalm bomb when she was a 9-year-old during the Vietnam War.

Azim Khamisa: The Tool of Forgiveness

Produced by:The Institute for Advancing Unity/The Working Group

A grieving father overcomes tragedy by creating something beautiful in his son's name - Tariq Khamisa.


Desmond Tutu

By: Wendy Jewell from The MY HERO Project

Desmond Tutu worked to end apartheid in South Africa and encourages forgiveness.


By: Wendy Jewell

Scarlett Lewis lost her son Jesse due to the Sandy Hook massacre. 

Lyndon Harris: People Making a Difference

By: Marilyn Jones<br>Contributor of The Christian Science Monitor<br> <h5>Permis...

Lyndon Harris: People Making a Difference founded The Gardens of Forgiveness Project.

Jean Paul Samputu practices forgiveness - even for his father's killer

By: Marilyn Jones <br> Correspondent of <br>The Christian Science Monitor<br> <h...

Jean Paul Samputu lost his family during the genocide in Rwanda. He overcame rage and resentment by learning to forgive.

Azim Khamisa

By: Monica Olson

Azim Khamisa founded the Tariq Khamisa Foundation to encourage forgiveness.

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